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Get to know a few of our members and the stories that brought them to the club!


Club President 2016-2017
I joined Toastmasters because I was a shy boy that didn’t have any friends :P. Luckily one day a colleague invited me to a fun event called Toastmasters open house. Everyone was warm and welcoming there, and I never left since (its been 3.5 years already). In this time I achieved my DTM (Distinguished Toastmasters – highest educational award in Toastmasters) and founded Humorously Speaking Toastmasters Club. I have a secret ambition to be a magician comedian one day – neither of which is my forte but that’s why I’m doing it!


Vice President Membership 2016-2017
I joined Toastmasters eight years ago to gain confidence in speaking in public. Previously, I literally would prefer to die than speak before a crowd. Now I’m much more at ease, and although I still feel a few “jitters” people tell me I appear to be so at ease. You can fool some :P. I’ve been with Humorously Speaking for just under a year. I joined this club to improve my techniques of telling stories and jokes. I like to travel, both domestically and foreign. I like seeing different places, and meeting different people, and experiencing things out of my normal day to day life.


Donna Kelly
Secretary 2016-2017
I was brought up in the wilds of Prince Edward County, Ontario.  When I was of suitable age, I moved to the big city of Toronto. In Toronto I joined toastmasters because sometimes I found that no-one listened to me, especially my husband!  At Toastmasters I found a “captive” audience who listened to my every word.


Treasurer 2016-2017
When I joined Toastmasters back in 2004, I thought that at some point I would get the eloquence and charisma of Winston Churchill. While it did not exactly happen, I discovered my hidden talent to make people laugh…at me! 😉


Vice President Public Relations 2016-2017
I’m an HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) engineer by day and batman (in training) by night. I joined the club in February of 2016 as part of a self-improvement mission that I began after my first (and thankfully last) panic attack in 2010. Over the past six years I have significantly reduced my social anxiety and phobia by pursuing activities that I am afraid of; one of which is public speaking. In doing so I discouvered the opportunity to share my dry humour with the world (HVAC engineer pun intended). 😛


I joined the Humorously Speaking Club so I could learn to use humour to add interest and power to my speeches. I have been with the club about half a year. I run a public speaking program for teenagers known as YLP in Scarborough and coach hockey in Unionville.


I joined Toastmasters in order to gain the confidence and skills for speaking publicly. I started my membership in April 2016. I survived the club meetings so far thanks to the friendly and encouraging support from my fellow toastmasters! I’m a fan of both classical music and comic art; That gives me a Balanced Growth Portfolio.


I joined Toastmasters to work on and gain confidence in my public speaking and storytelling skills. I have been with the club since April 2016. If I had to be stranded on a deserted island and could only take 3 things with me, I would choose peanut butter, a blanket and a knife.


I visited Humorously Speaking Toastmasters several times because I like to laugh ;). I have been a member since June 2016. It is pleasant for me to share a laugh or two and be with people of similar interests/hobbies.