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Meeting November 17 – Special Guest – Dreams 

This week we were honoured to host Jason Pinto of Naturopathic Toastmasters at our meeting!


Jason gave a touching presentation on perspective; Looking beyond first impressions of people, because we may never know the emotional cargo that they carry with them. An inconsiderate driver may cut us off and anger us, but if we knew that he is actually rushing to the hospital because something happened to his wife, our perspective shifts and we empathize rather than anger. A touching yet entertaining talk. Thanks for coming Jason!

Franck entertained us with his experience golfing. Franck, if you had as many holes in one as the laughs you created in the room, you may would have wanted to consider a career shift to professional golf (PGA).

Gil gave us the eighth speech of his manual – a cute talk about why he loves his girlfriend…who is also his bicycle.

You can watch the complete meeting here


* Meeting November 17 – SPECIAL GUEST! *

We are pleased to announce that Jason Pinto of Naturopatic Toastmasters will be our special guest speaker at this meeting.

Jason is the winner of District 60 table topics contest. In other words, Jason is the best in the GTA at making speeches on the spot with no prior preparation.

This Thursday, November 17 at 5:45pm, 2 Sheppard Ave East 7th Floor, come enjoy Jason’s speech and learn about public speaking from him!
Meeting November 3 – Democracy 

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except all the other one’s which have been tried” – Winston Churchill

With the elections in the United States only a week away, this meeting we celebrated democracy at Humorously Speaking Toastmasters. Some of the finest “senators” of the land gave orations in the 7th floor room at 2 Sheppard Ave East.


Senator Gil lead the meeting, preparing the team for the storm ahead in the United States and for the possible construction of a wall with Canada. (We may have to pay for it too).

The following are some highlights from the meeting:

Congratulations to Senator Karl on presenting his first speech! Karl used a repeated gesture where he threw his arm down saying “I hated it!”.. and the audience repeated the catchy phrase with him! Karl, we LOVED your speech.


Perkin showed us that even if you are presenting with notes off an iPad, “a bad plan is better than no plan”. While Lydia’s speech about dogs made the senators bark with excitement. And on that day a new bill was passed in this meeting making it mandatory for each member to have a puppy, which will be provided by Toastmasters international at the next meeting. Just kidding. We wish that would have been the case.

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Cynthia won table topics, Franck told us a joke, and Ken showed us the video he prepared for Toastmasters International!

Overall, the meeting was a productive one and it was voted unanimously that the Senators shall meet for another in two weeks time. If you are reading this then you are invited to join! 🙂


Meeting October 20 – Comedy 

Comedy is the reason we are here. It is water to a well, a spring, or the coffee maker that produces the sweet nectar that keeps us awake and out of our beds. Therefore the above is a closed case for comedy as the juice of life. Don’t argue with the above, just drink your coffee. This week we celebrated comedy with four fantastic speakers (one of which was a guest speaker!).

Congratulations to Mike and Frankie on giving their first speeches! Mike is an aspiring comedian and we could tell from the delivery of his speech. His easy going style and attention to timing exercised our stomach laughing muscles accordingly. Frankie told us about his trip to Iceland, and ‘hitting on’ wildlife, especially geese. If you are confused by this its because you didn’t attend the meeting! Inside joke 😉


Cynthia is ploughing through the CC manual as she took us on another adventure. While Guest Speaker Siva has made a surprise appearance at the meeting. Thank you both for lighting up the room with your presence.



Division B Contest – Monday October 17 – 6pm to 9pm
North York Civic Center – 5100 Yonge St 


Join us as we cheer our contestants Franck and Gil on in the Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests, respectively. Franck and Gil are competing for the GTA championships. Come and see where Toastmasters (and specifically Humorously Speaking Club) can take you in your public speaking goals.

RSVP via the link below.



Meeting on October 6 – Open House 

With September already behind us and fall well underway, this past meeting made us feel rejuvenated (word of the day by grammarian Frankie- it was Frankie’s first time as grammarian!) and ready to face the coming cold!

Let’s begin with a special thank you to all guests who attended the open house! We loved having you here and hope that you enjoyed the meeting.

Aidin and Jake presented us with their first speeches this meeting! Congratulations to you both on taking the first step in sharing many more speeches with our club (and beyond). We look forwards to your next speech!


Aidin’s speech, titled ‘Friendship’, was a humorous story about a time him and a friend were caught in an unusual and dangerous situation, and how friendship rescued them from potential demise. Stuck on a roof 36 stories high in his native Iran, with no food or water and in the hot summer sun nonetheless, the pair looked for a way out. Without cellular reception or any way to contact the world beyond the rooftop, the situation looked grim. And when it seemed like it couldn’t get worse, it did…Aidin and his friend were attacked by a raging swarm of bees!


Jake’s speech taught us about the hardships of moving to Canada, specifically about the Canadian banking system and its difficulties for new immigrants. Jake needed a credit card to buy a car and become employed, and therefore applied for one. But when he didn’t hear anything back after a couple of weeks he contacted the bank only to find out that the clerk forgot to hand in his application and then went on vacation, only to decline his application a week later! Lucky for Jake the matter sorted itself out and he found a job and life gradually became comfortable in Canada.


Special shout out to guest speaker Siva and first time timer Kevin Zhang. Kevin we hope to hear a speech from you shortly.


Congratulations to Franck and Gil for winning first place in the Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests, respectively!! 

And thank you to all the members who came to support the team. 🙂


Special thank you to Mary and Donna for organising the event. There would not have been any winners if it would not have been for you.

The District 60 Contest will take place on October 18. The winner of the District 60 Contest will be the champion of the GTA, which covers over 210 clubs.


Area 11 and 14 Contest This Friday September 30!
at 6pm at the North York Civic Centre (5100 Yonge St)


If you are curious about Toastmasters and would like to see what you could accomplish as a Toastmaster, and/or if you would like to cheer our contestants Gil and Franck on, join us at the official toastmaster contest this coming Friday.

Gil is competing in the Table Topics contest and Franck in the humorous speech contest.

We are proud to have them both representing our club!

Also, have we mentioned that attendance is free? RSVP for best seat by clicking on the link below, but you don’t have to RSVP to attend.

Toastmasters Division B Area 11 and 14 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest

See you there 🙂


Meeting on September 15 – Humorous Speech Contest 

One of the most looked forwards to events of the year – The Humorously Speech Contest happened this past meeting on September 15.

Our contestants made us laugh, cheer, and cry (tears of joy of course) with their entertaining speeches.

Congratulations to everyone who participated 🙂


Franck, we look forwards to  experiencing you carry the club’ banner in the District Finals on September 30!

All are welcome, and encouraged, to support Franck at the District Humorous Speech Contest on Friday September 30 at 6pm.



Meeting on September 1 – Table Topics Contest

This past meeting was the Humorously Speaking Toastmaster’s Table Topics Contest!

Table Topics is a regular segment in our meetings. At Table Topics the participants receives a topic and improvises a one to two minute speech based on this topic. There is no prior preparation to this speech and the contestant does not know the topic until the moment that it is given to them – How exciting!

The topic for this Table Topics Contest was “Humour”

The participants were at will to make a speech out of this vague word.


Congratulations to Freya, Perkin, Karl and Gil for participating.


Gil, we look forwards to you representing the Humorously Speaking Toastmaster Club in the District Contest on September 30!

All are welcome to come and cheer Gil on!


Meeting on July 21 – Summertime and the livin’ is easy!

Ella Fitzgerald could not have sang it better. The theme for this weeks meeting was Summertime. The 7th floor room at 2 Sheppard Ave East was almost entirely full with members and guests as Humorously Speaking Toastmasters, lead by this week’s Toastmaster John, basked (word of the day by grammarian Donna) in the glorious long days and warm nights of summer!


Here are a few of the meeting highlights:


Congratulations to Karl (who joined this June!) on taking on the Jokemaster role for the first time! Karl, we are glad you are not charging us like the lawyer or the plumber in your jokes for the laughter that they brought us. We would have become broke had that been the case, because you did make the most people laugh than anyone else in that meeting! (That’s official, we counted all the laughs in the meeting)


Cynthia delivered her second ever speech in a month and a half! “Did you know that global warming can cause world war three?”, she asked; The audience gasped. Grabbing our attention with an opening line about a third world war, she then manoeuvred her speech for us to consider the far reaching consequences that global warming can (and already does) have on politics and therefore on our everyday lives, and the solutions that are being considered to mitigate its effects. A fascinating and nevertheless entertaining talk condensed into 6 minutes.;We can’t wait to experience your next speech!


Aiden, in his second ever meeting with Humorously Speaking Toastmasters, won the most enthusiastic award! How could he not with that smile??

And here are some more photo highlights from the meeting